Covid and the Realities for the Disabled Community

Since the start of the year the inescapable reality of Covid has and will continue to Shape all our lives. Its wide-ranging effects impact on our physical health, financial stability and mental well-being.

What we should be mindful of however is the extent to which the pandemic impacts on the disabled community as a whole. Whilst the reality is somewhat morbid, two thirds of all Covid 19 deaths in the period 02/03-15/05 are the disabled according to the ONS. These same figures also point to a disabled man being up to 6.5 times more likely to die of covid than his non-disabled counterpart. In the case of disabled women, the contrast is even starker, disabled women are 11 times more likely to succumb to Covid 19 in this way. Absolutely staggering and certainly sobering.

Thankfully through shielding with care from family members, social distancing and taking the relevant precautions can mitigate the risks of infection. That being said it is crucial to be mindful that the other socio-economic effects of the virus are as wide ranging in respect of the disabled community as they are in respect of the remainder of society. According to the charity Scope 35% of their respondents have said that their finances have worsened since the start of the pandemic with 1 in 4 saying they feel “forgotten” by the government.

Whilst no one can point to an “easy” solution there are little things we can all do as a community every single day. Not everybody has family, but whether they do or do not looking out for neighbours is important. Why not offer a helping hand in respect of getting deliveries for them?. Even a good chat is great as Mental Health deterioration has been documented during this crisis. Finally, charitable giving through the food bank network or direct to charities will help keep the worry at bay for the Countries most vulnerable communities.