Dance and Special Educational Needs

We all know that we need to keep active and that exercise has many benefits not only for our body but also for our mind.  When we exercise the hormone endorphin is released which trigger a positive feeling and reduce your perception of pain.

Have you ever danced at a party and felt unhappy doing it?  No! Well, now you know why.  As well as the release of endorphins exercise and dance keeps the brain active which is why as we get older it is even more important to continue moving.  Added to this the combination of music also releases endorphins.

Dance does so much!  Not only does it teach you co-ordination, musicality, confidence, concentration but you also have all the equipment you need, your body!  As well this, dance is also  great tool for anyone who struggles to express themselves.

Now when you look at this for those within the Special Educational Needs (SEN) community, Dance is powerful!

Their world is confusing and communicating can be a challenge.  Get the dancing and something magical happens! They light up and respond in a way that they don’t with other activities.  Obesity in young people has been a concern for a couple of years, those with a learning or physical disability are often at a higher risk and so dance helps to keep them active.

Dance is also a great tool for memory which a lot of kids with SEN find retaining information a challenge, and so learning and repeating movement patterns/sequences helps the brain neuropatterns develop which traditional academic subjects doesn’t always do.

It is safe to say that dance helps all aspects of life from learning, health and social skills! Not only that it’s fun!

If you would like to join a fun dance class designed specifically for SEN children then head here to book - Classes are currently held via zoom so location isn’t a problem :)

I am also running a Crowdfunder designed to help and support the SEN community -

Happy Dancing!