I know what to expect at school

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A valuable classroom toolkit for busy teachers and TAs. Portable and discreet personalised visual supports for children who need to know what to expect or the order of events during their school day.

Key features

  • visual timetables offer comforting predictability which reduces children’s anxieties and aids concentration
  • easily show changes to routine with TomTag’s unique click-in button system
  • use simple First/Then/Next prompts to support transitions and encourage completion of less-preferred activities
  • preparation and forewarning of transitions reduces negative behaviours
  • visual activity sequence prompts encourage independent working and learning
  • reinforcing verbal instructions with visuals helps children to understand what is being said or asked of them    
  • includes symbols to help teach social rules for the classroom

Our customers say

“A great idea! The main benefit being the time saving aspect. Everything is ready and no faffy laminating and Velcro! Really impressed.”

“They allow my 7 year old to create, then to carry his visual timetable with him at school. It is the only visual he will use for school.”

“I’m able to wear the tag on my lanyard which is easily accessible in class and outside whilst enabling my children with autism to comprehend what they need to do.”

“TomTag saves busy education staff time, while also providing a practical yet likely desirable tool towards independence for children.” Alison Wilcox, Head of Education, NASEN

Kit contents

  • 6 button holders
  • 40 blank buttons
  • 1 attachment loop
  • Instruction sheet
  • School Timetable sticker pack
  • Optional: My school kit sticker pack

WARNING: Please note – TomTag is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.

Symbol images produced under licence from Widgit Symbols (C) Widgit Software 2002-2019 www.widgit.com. All other images (C) Orkid Ideas Limited 2019.
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