Marble maze

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cotton fabric, variety of ribbons, glass marbles



Sensory Marble Mazes can be invaluable support for people with Autism, Depression, Anxiety, Dementia, Alzheimers or those with Sensory Processing Disorders. The mazes can be easily carried or stored due to their size, so are perfect ‘on the go’ stimming toys, ready for life’s unexpected stressful moments. These fantastic fidget toys are simple to use with the aim being to manoeuvre the marbles with your fingers through the fabric maze. As there are multiple marbles in the item it can be used with both hands or just one. Most of the Marble Mazes also have a variety of textured ribbons attached for an additional sensory distraction.

The products are lovingly handmade from repurposed, recycled and scrap materials, with an aim to become made entirely from safe, completely recycled and plastic free materials. Due to the nature of the materials I use there will potentially be slight variations in size/colours/length to those pictured.



(2x glass marbles)

These measurements exclude ribbons if included on item

Product Safety

CE Marked

All items are double layered fabric and triple seamed for extra strength.

If using with under 3s this sensory item should only be used under adult supervision, do not leave children alone whilst playing.

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the quality and durability of our sensory items if the item does become damaged please discontinue use.

Care Instructions

Cold wash only and air dry

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